About AFairchild Client Engage

AFairchild Client Engage is AFairchild’s initiative to bring significance and impact to our clients and their staff.

When we intentionally put energy and effort into building up our people, the success of the business will follow. Our desire is to see your company grow and be successful, not only in the financial arena, but also in our greatest asset... our people.

“You don’t build a business, you build people and the people build the business.”

Zig Ziglar

Moving Forward
and Bringing Improvement

AFairchild Client Engage is here to help give focus toward GROWTH – moving forward and bringing improvement, sustainability, development, and a hopeful future. We have exciting plans for AFairchild Client Engage, with the first phase including Leadership Mastermind Groups, DISC training sessions and Team-Building Excursions.

The programs within AFairchild Client Engage are for all people within your organization regardless of position or responsibilities. Owners, managers, and entry level staff – all will benefit from AFairchild Client Engage.

As part of our mission statement to partner with our clients, we desire to engage with you by offering various tools and programs to enhance organizational and personal growth as well as develop leadership, team building, and culture within your company. We will be offering Leadership Mastermind Groups at no charge as well as other experiences that will positively impact you, your company, and those around you.





Afairchild Client Engage

Leadership Mastermind Groups

Prerequisite: None

No Charge

The Leadership Mastermind Groups are designed to bring focus to different attributes that impact our daily lives at work and home. Each cohort will meet for one hour, following a process that provides an opportunity for interaction as well as action steps. The groups will consist of 6-8 people and will be offered at various times, both in-person and on the internet through Microsoft Teams. If you are interested in Bryan holding a Leadership Mastermind Group exclusively for your company, please contact Larry Brown directly at larry.brown@afairchildcpa.com

Phase I

Phase I will consist of the core values below:

Attitude     |     Responsibility

Relationships      |     Integrity

Listening       |       Generosity



Please reference the registration form for the various times and locations. Once you have filled out all of the required information and selected your preferred meeting time and location, please sign and date the form for the start dates of meetings and locations. Groups will continue at these times and locations for all 6 sessions and email to larry.brown@afairchildcpa.com

Afairchild Client Engage

DISC Assessment and Training Sessions

Prerequisite: Must have already attended all 6 sessions of Leadership Mastermind Groups, Phase I


$70/person for the assessment

No charge for the Training Session

The DISC assessment is a personality and behavioral assessment that has been used by millions of people to help improve teamwork, communication, and productivity. The DISC helps us to understand those around us, improving collaboration with the various personality types within an organization.

Larry Brown, our Director of Client Engagement & Resources, will provide the DISC assessment to each identified employee and then present a training session specific for your group that will guide them in understanding and utilizing their individual DISC profiles. Understanding each team members DISC profile enhances the ability to work smarter and more effectively.


Must attend all 6 of the Leadership Mastermind Groups, Phase I sessions. After all sessions have been completed, Larry Brown will meet with the company leader/manager to set up assessments and team training session for identified staff.

Afairchild Client Engage

Team Building Excursions

Prerequisite: At least one person within company leadership must have already attended all 6 sessions of Leadership Mastermind Group Phase 1.


$70/person – 4 hours, lunch included

Low Ropes Challenge

There is no substitute for the power of experiential learning. Low ropes provide an ideal teaching medium for any team that desires to learn how to achieve more. A low ropes course is a series of problem-solving experiences that physically engage teams to develop and execute a plan. The challenges are low to the ground but are more difficult than they might look. Each challenge draws on every team member's contributions - their ideas, their support, and their efforts. The low ropes course is structured so that the activities gradually increase in level of difficulty so that the team continually extends its aspirations and its reach. Obstacles are arranged to specifically address the issues and challenges facing your team or business and debrief sessions are structured to help participants connect the dots from the physical challenge to the workplace.


If you are interested in a Team Building Excursion – Low Ropes Challenge for your group, please contact Larry Brown at larry.brown@afairchildcpa.com.

"Healthy organizations are not about the one person who leads them, they are about everyone who’s in them."

John Maxwell

When we put focus to develop ourselves as well as develop those around us, we will see positive impact in all areas of our lives and our business.

Larry Brown | Director Client Engagement & Resources

Larry Brown, AFairchild’s Director of Client Engagement & Resources, facilitates and leads the AFairchild Client Engage initiatives and programs. Larry is a seasoned vocational pastor with over 30 year of experience in ministry. Larry has earned a Master of Science in Christian Education from Abilene Christian University and a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from Lubbock Christian University. Larry has spent many years working as a program developer and a pastor leading, training and equipping people of all ages. Today, Larry works to positively impact our clients and staff toward accomplishing their goals and encouraging them through hardships. Larry brings his passion and commitment to AFairchild Client Engage with the goal of inspiring high-impact individuals and teams.